What is test execution?

Test execution is the process of running all your test cases and comparing them with presets and expected execution time and results, to ensure it's error-free and ready to hit the market. The environment on which the code is expected to run in the long term is the test execution environment.

With Zoho QEngine's hybrid environment, you can schedule and execute test cases for any environment you want. From cloud automation testing to having the Zoho QEngine agent on your servers, the software is browser and device independent. Test configurations are also easier than ever, with no-code and low-code features that let you test without coding manually. Zoho QEngine's self-heal AI brings in scope for variable modifications during test case execution thus leveraging the true potential of cloud automation testing.

Test execution

You run the test. We take care of the environment.


Zoho QEngine's test execution environment runs predominantly on the cloud. Cloud automation testing ensures an all-in-one-place testing experience, bypassing hitches like data redundancy, skimming through log files, and version updates.

    Platform independence

    Zoho QEngine is platform independent, which means that, irrespective of the operating system or the device —mobile or web—the testing process remains the same. You can configure presets and get insights on different environments without having to write separate blocks of code.

    Browser independence

    Zoho QEngine supports Chrome and Firefox to test your APIs and software. The compatibility check is seamless, with a no-code experience. All you have to do is select the browser on which you want to test and gather insights from the analytics.

    Scheduling and user approvals

    Test plans and test suites on Zoho QEngine let you categorize your tests that can be scheduled for a specific time and date. The software comes with support for both parallel and sequential tests.


Local agent

Local agent refers to the testing tools and software that can be installed on your local machine. With this feature in Zoho QEngine, you can install the software on your server and execute parallel tests and accelerate the testing time needed for web and mobile applications.

Test anywhere—on the ground and on the cloud

Gather your requirements and take your tests anywhere you want, with Zoho QEngine's all-in-one cloud automation testing software. With support for both local and cloud execution, you can now collaborate remotely, gather insights, schedule tests, and analyze results using dashboards, all in a single place! Sign up for free and start your first test!

Frequently asked questions

What is Zoho QEngine?

Zoho QEngine is a cloud automation testing software from the Zoho business suite that lets developers test their applications using pro-code, low-code, and no-code features. The only prerequisite is to sign up.

What are the test environments on Zoho QEngine?

Zoho QEngine supports a hybrid approach, with support for both cloud and local machine testing. This is facilitated by the QEngine agent, which can be installed on local servers to run parallel tests seamlessly.