Zoho QEngine—with user access control for organizations

Zoho QEngine gives organizations complete control over the entire testing process by letting administrators grant permissions and access to test cases based on roles.

User dashboard

The user dashboard in Zoho QEngine lets administrators view and manage the roles of individual users in the organization. Admins have the ability to add new users and group them into three roles—manager, tester, and viewer.

User dashboard

User roles

Based on their role, Zoho QEngine grants users access and permissions to different sections within the software—projects, modules, test cases, test suites, test plans, results, settings, and agent. The role hierarchy within Zoho QEngine ensures that the standards set by the organization are maintained throughout the testing project.

User roles User roles User roles


Zoho QEngine enables organizations to make changes to test cases only after approval from the reporting manager, ensuring that test cases aren't deployed without approval. Test case versioning enables the tracking of changes made, so only approved versions are pushed to production, acting as an extra layer of security.


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Frequently asked questions

Who's the super admin for an org within Zoho QEngine?

The super admin is the purchaser for the organization, and they have all the access and privileges offered within Zoho QEngine. There is only one super admin available for a license and they have access to upgrading or changing plans for the Zoho QEngine subscription.

What is the difference between a super admin and an admin?

Unlike a super admin, there can be many admins for a Zoho QEngine license. Admins have all the access and privileges of a super admin except the access to billing and plan change.

Are user roles fixed?

No, Zoho QEngine gives admins and managers the ability to change user roles, affecting things like their access to sections within Zoho QEngine, right from the dashboard.