How do I record a credit card refund issued via Stripe?

Refunds issued via Stripe can be tracked in Zoho Books by creating a credit note from the invoice and then recording the refund.

To create a credit note:

  • Go to the Invoices module in the Sales dropdown.
  • Select the invoice for which you have issued the refund.
  • Click the More icon and select Create Credit Note.
  • Verify the details in the credit note creation page.
  • Click Save, and the credit note will be created.

To record the refund:

  • Click the More icon in the credit note that you’ve created and select Refund.

    Credit Note Refund
  • Select Stripe Clearing as the From Account and verify the data in other fields.

    Refund Details
  • Click Save, and your refund will be recorded.

Insight: Your invoice’s status will remain the same even after refunding the payment.


Note: If you have configured bank feeds for your Stripe account, recording a refund from the credit note will create a duplicate entry in your bank transactions. You will have to adjust this by manually adding a bank transaction.

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