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What should I do if I wish to invoice my customers in various foreign currencies?

You will have to first associate the preferred currency to the customer. Only one currency can be associated to a contact

To associate a currency to your customer:

  • Click on the Contacts section from the left sidebar.
  • Click on the + button to associate currency for a new contact or choose a contact and click on the Edit button to edit the currency for an existing contact.
  • Choose the currency from the Currency drop down and click Save. This will allow you to associate the chosen currency while creating an invoice.

To automatically fetch exchange rates for a currency:

  • Click the gear icon on the top right corner and go to Currencies.
  • Click on the Enable exchange rate feeds button .
  • This action will automatically fetch exchange rates for foreign currencies. If you want to edit the exchange rate, you can do it on the invoice creation page (on the top right corner of the item table)

Note: If you already have transactions for your customer in your base currency, you won’t able change the currency. To resolve this problem, you have to delete all the transactions which are associated with the customer.

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