Zoho Projects for Google Apps

Bring Project Management and Collaboration Capabilities to Google Apps

Zoho Projects takes your Google Apps experience to the next level by providing you with an integrated environment where your teams can better communicate, collaborate, and manage projects.

While customers enjoy the email and calendaring functionality that Google Apps provides, they also recognize the need for robust collaboration and project management solution. Zoho Projects complements the Google Apps experience by offering a dedicated team collaboration and project management solution that allows teams to plan, track, and collaborate everything from everyday ongoing activities to big projects with external customers.

Zoho Projects Gmail Gadgets greatly accelerates user adoption by bringing the application directly to the user in context with their project workflow. In addition, it drastically improves productivity, saves a lot of time, and makes it much easier to see the benefits for your project management team.

Find out how Zoho for Google Apps can improve your business productivity.

Key Business Benefits for Google Apps Users

Here's short video that explains how to activate Zoho Projects for your Google Apps domain