Top 15 Reasons to Choose Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects has your project management and collaboration software

Looking for project management software with collaboration to manage your projects in a social way? Here are your reasons to choose Zoho Projects.

15. Collaborative dashboard with Twitter-like updates

The Project Stream gives you a quick overview of the latest activities happening around your project. For example - have any tasks been completed or opened? Did anyone start a new conversation? You can also get a view of the status messages of your fellow project members, so it's easy to see what everyone is working on.

14. User Management

The administrator of a project has privileges to quickly create and define user roles for a project based on its requirement. Various project roles that can be granted to a user is as follows :

13. Project Calendar

Project Calendar function gives an easy view of tasks, milestones & meetings planned for the month. You can add tasks etc from the calendar view itself. iCal is supported and you can export your Zoho Projects calendar to iCal supported calendars like Google Calendar.

12. Email and RSS Notifications

Tasks can be edited, their status modified. And you can set email notifications so that other team members are notified of the task's changes. Zoho Projects offers authenticated RSS feeds too which team members can subscribe to.

11. Time Tracking and Billing

Make your client billing easy. Ask your team to fill up the hours they put in for each of their tasks. Zoho Projects offers time tracking functionalities that streamlines the performance of a project, calculates time spent on tasks, exports timesheet data in desired format and send invoices for client payments.

10. Track your Progress

Zoho Projects gives you visibility into how your project is doing at all times. From the Dashboard you can see what tasks are due next what people have been working on. If you need more detailed information, the built-in reports (Gantt Charts) presents the information you need about open/closed tasks, milestones and more.

9. Collaborate with Projects via Email

We feel that email collaboration in Zoho Projects will be extremely useful for virtual teams as this encourages informal communication and team building. You can post comments, add documents, notes for meetings and tasks all through an email in Zoho Projects.

8. Integration with Google Apps

Google Apps customers can now take advantage of Zoho Projects and its collaboration and project management benefits. Zoho Projects for Google Apps creates a rich, integrated experience for Google Apps users that includes single sign-on, integration with Google Docs and Google Calendar plus the ability to embed Zoho Projects information directly inside iGoogle, Gmail and Google Sites.

7. Import Microsoft project files

Zoho Projects offers a way to import your Microsoft project files into Zoho Projects. You can plan your project in Microsoft, import them and collaborate using Zoho Projects.

6. Interactive Discussion Boards

Project forums are interactive message boards where you can put a topic up for discussion and let ideas flow back and forth. Unlike emails, all the forum topics are available at a central location and is easily accessible by anyone involved in the group project. By exchanging information with colleagues can make big ideas come alive.

5. Manage files using award winning Zoho Office suite

You can bulk upload project documents, make Zoho Projects your online repository and organize in different folders your project documents. And, because Zoho Projects is integrated with Zoho Office, you can quickly create documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly on your browser, without having to install (or pay for!) any additional software.

4. Easy Task Management

Project tasks, task lists and subtasks make it easy to keep your work items and project deliverables organized and manageable, all in one easy-to-access location. You can monitor the status of tasks, assign tasks to members, send email reminders and track progress of your project.

3. Improved Communication with Wiki and Chat

Through our set of collaborative tools, it is easier than ever to get the entire team on the same page. You can centrally post and share files, create a project "intranet" with the built-in Wiki, hold a discussion board and much more. The always-on built-in chat room allows everyone on the project to quickly come together to discuss important topics and make decision faster.

2. Fast, Reliable and Secure

We have taken many different steps to help ensure the safety of your data. This includes Physical Security practices (like 7x24x365 security, video monitoring, biometric access, bullet-resistant walls), Network Security (encryption, intrusion detection / prevention), People Processes and Redundancy / Business Continuity

1. Affordable Price

There are no long-term commitments or hidden charges when you use Zoho Projects. You can sign up as a monthly customer, and use our services for as long as you need. Canceling your account is a hassle-free one-click process.

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