Task Dependency in Zoho Projects

Task Dependency is a relationship in which a task relies on one or more tasks to be performed before it can be done. The task that depends on the completion of the previous task is the dependent task, and the task it depends on is the predecessor task. In Zoho Projects, dependency view helps the project team to get a bird's-eye view of the dependent tasks with details like task owners, the dependency list, and when these tasks need to be completed.

Dependency List

Task Dependency view displays the tasks sorted by start date. Only those tasks created with duration will be displayed here. You can view all the dependent tasks associated with a task, by clicking the Dependency List option from the action menu. Learn more.

Add Task Predecessors

You can not only view but also set dependency between tasks from this view. The Predecessors column lists out the sequence numbers of all tasks preceding each dependent task. You can click this column to add new predecessors or edit the existing ones. Learn more.

Edit Task Details

If you edit the task's finish date, the duration of all dependent tasks will also be automatically updated. Furthermore, you can change the task owner by selecting the required user(s) from the list. Task owners will be notified about the task dependency through an email.