Why do startups need project management software?

Draw a clear picture

Track milestones

Innovate constantly

Meet immediately

Document processes

Make the best of resources

Draw a clear picture

Whether it's product features, sales targets, or funding, project management software can help startups cover all the bases. With an effective solution, you can visualize key metrics and clearly chart your path.

Reports in project management software for startups
Track Milestones

Startups go from innovative ideas to stunning products slowly but steadily. A robust project management system can help you track short-term goals and boost productivity so you can reach many more milestones along your journey.

Milestones in project management tools for startups
Innovate Constantly

Innovation is key when solving problem statements. Maintaining a creative environment allows team members to share ideas and overcome obstacles together.

Forums in best startup project management tools
Meet Immediately

Teams should have the ability to discuss eureka moments as soon as possible. Regular interactions and feedback sessions via calls or chats drive the innovative spirit in startups.

Collaboration in project management tools for startups
Document Processes

As you scale up, institutional knowledge is transferred to new resources. By documenting this knowledge, you make everyday processes known to all.

Documentation in free project management tools for startups
Make the best of Resources

It's normal for startup employees to wear many hats. While assigning tasks, you can use project management software to avoid overburdening team members and prioritize their duties effectively.

Resource utilization in best free project management tools for startups

Best project management tools for startups

Work Breakdown Structure

The Work Breakdown Structure is a hierarchy-based outline that fragments a larger goal into executable work items. It ensures no small task is left out of the project. Project managers use the Work Breakdown Structure to analyse time and resource constraints for a project. By reaching smaller goals on time, a team can complete projects as planned.

Gantt charts

Gantt charts provide an overview of project status. The progress bar indicates how far you’ve come and the road ahead. It helps teams visualize the dependencies between tasks, which allows them to identify risks and accelerate projects. And if things don’t go as planned, Gantt charts highlight critical tasks so teams can focus their efforts.

Project baseline

The project baseline visually represents project progress against the standards you set. It includes the scope baseline, cost baseline, and schedule baseline to keep the goals, budget, and timeline as planned. The baseline makes it easy to analyze current performance and expedite tasks as needed.

Collaboration tool

Project management tools for startups should facilitate instantaneous collaboration, which is an important aspect of project management. Communication channels make space for everyone involved in a project and enable shared responsibility in planning, execution, and delivery.

What are the features startups should look for in project management software?

Task automation with Blueprint
Project Gantt
Project resource utilisation
Time tracking
Project budgeting and EVM
Simple task tracking

Benefits of adopting project management methods for your startup

Project management streamlines startup processes so that teams know which tasks to take up and when.

Through budget checks, project managers can monitor fund allocation and avoid budget overruns.

Resource utilization allows managers to take stock of team member availability and assign tasks accordingly.

By identifying issues early on, teams can focus on risk points and identify when a project has gone off course.

Time management methods help teams set time frames for every project and allow them to meet scheduled deliverables.

Why should your startup choose Zoho Projects?

Why should your startup choose Zoho Projects?
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Zoho Projects is a cost-effective project management solution for startups that aims to help businesses scale and improve their daily productivity. The free plan includes all the necessary functionalities for task, time, and issue management in a startup setting. Businesses with low spending budgets can benefit from the feature-rich premium plan that starts as low as $5 per user each month. Zoho Projects is an economical option that helps startups generate more value during every stage of the journey.

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