Project Administration

Managing a project can take careful planning and a lot of organization. Here's a list of features that will help you set Zoho Projects up in a way that your team and you can get the best out of it.


If you find yourself running projects that have a common structure, you can use templates to save yourself a lot of trouble. Just create a template with all the overlapping information and create similar projects quickly. You can also convert any existing projects into a template for future use.



Motivate your team by turning a grind into a game. Those who get more done can win badges and trophies, then show off their profiles and on the leaderboards. What was once a chore is now a sport!


Custom fields

If the fields we provide aren't sufficient to capture all the info you need, you can create your own custom fields. Set up a priority for each project, a mentor to assist those working on it, or a list of requirements and serial numbers.

Custom fields


Add your clients' companies and pick the projects that you are working on for them. Your clients can view any progress and information that you allow them access to.

Client users

Import and Export

Import and export projects between spreadsheets or other project management systems. We have automation wizards for Jira and Basecamp.

Project import

Portal settings

Edit your organization's profile, including the portal URL and owner. Information such as business hours, working days, billing status, and approvals can all be configured and reflected throughout the product.

Portal Settings