Mobile Apps

1. Is iPhone Native App available in Free Plan?

Yes. When you install Zoho Projects Mobile App on your iPhone we automatically enable 15 days free trial for your project portal.

2. How can I upgrade to a higher plan ?

You need to first purchase the iPhone Mobile App for your Portal.

In addition, follow the steps mentioned in the below url to activate iPhone Mobile App for your teams

3. Can I use my Gmail ID to access Zoho Projects app on iPhone?

Yes, you can use your Google ID to access Zoho Projects app on iPhone.

Follow the steps given below to use your Gmail ID:

After resetting the password, you can use your Google Apps ID as the user name and the password you recently set to login into Zoho Projects on iPhone.

4. Do you support Android Mobile App in Zoho Projects?

Yes, we support Android Mobile App and you can get to know more about how to subscribe and activate it for your mobile at

5. Is it possible to start/stop timer for the tasks in iPhone app?

Yes. Go to the tasks section, click the task name to see the details page and click the Timer option.

6. When I access Zoho on iPhone, I get the message "Zoho Projects Add-On has been disabled for my account. Please contact your project owner". I'm the project owner. How do I proceed?

This message gets displayed because the 15-days free trial expired. To continue using Zoho Projects on the iPhone, you must have your projects account in either of the paid plan and the iPhone add-on license.

So, please log into your projects portal via web interface, go to Upgrade/Billing section and ensure that your projects portal is in the paid plan with iPhone add-on purchased.