1. How do I reorder task lists within milestones?

Option to reorder task lists within milestone is not available. However, reordering the task lists in Tasks & Milestones   − −> Tasks section will be reflected within the milestones, too.

2. Is it possible to set dependency between milestones? Across projects?

Dependency can be set only between tasks, that too within the same project.

3. I need to see all overdue milestones across all projects?

You can see all the overdue milestones across all projects from Overdue Milestones section on the Home page.

If you want to see all the overdue milestones for any particular user, make use of the Filter option available in My Milestones section.

4. How do I see my archived milestones?

Go to Tasks & Milestones section of the project. Click Milestones link to view all the milestones in that project.

If you want to view only the archived milestones, select Archived Milestones from Milestone Type drop-down.