Zoho Projects in your Pocket

Create tasks effortlessly, get instant updates, and log hours in timesheets with a few easy  taps from your mobile. With Zoho Projects iPhone Mobile App, it’s easy to connect and  keep up with your team, manage tasks on the go and get your work done faster so your  productivity never skips a beat – right from your iPhone.

Feeds View of your Project

Feeds view provides quick access to tasks, latest activities, user status and recent  documents,  all in one place and with seamless navigation. It's convenient to see all  the latest updates in one single view, and we also provide an activity stream view for  updates.

Effortless Task Creation

Knocking off your tasks just got even easier. Now check off your tasks as they're done, assign them to any of your teammates or add quick notes for your tasks even while taking a much needed holiday.

Log your Time On the go

Have you ever logged time on the go? Access your timesheets instantly in few easy taps right from your iPhone to log working hours. But it doesn't stop there; you can add quick notes for your timesheet entry... it’s all at your fingertips.

Keep in Touch More Easily

Need to share an important detail with the team? No worries, just pick your mobile, click quick add, upload a document or type a task / bug, share it and voilà... your update is posted while you're away.

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