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New UI - Transition Guide

The User Interface of Zoho Projects gets a makeover to give a better visual appeal. Here are some of the key enhancements in the product.

All-in-one Setup

Profile settings, project settings, bug settings are all under one roof now. Yes, we call it Global Setup. All you have to do is click the  icon in the upper right and you are done.

The settings are grouped under six categories

  1. User Preferences - Set up your profile, configure notifications, and Gamescope
  2. Portal Settings - Configure your portal, customize project forms, groups, fields, and templates.
  3. Integration - Integrate your portal with Zoho apps and other apps.
  4. Data Administration - Import your data from Basecamp, JIRA, MPP and other files.
  5. Project Settings - Modify your project and bug settings.
  6. Users - Set up your team.

Home Screen with a Face-Lift

The Home tab is redesigned for your ease. We have introduced widgets that are more colorful and appealing. They can also be repositioned with a drag-and-drop. The one-line description below every widget's name gives you an idea of what it is all about. To get more information about a widget, click the View More link.

The following is the complete list of widgets present in the Home tab of your Zoho Projects portal.

  1. My Overview - Graphical representation of your overall status in tasks, bugs, and milestones.
  2. My Tasks - Tasks that you own.
  3. My Bugs - Bugs that you need to resolve.
  4. Overdue Work Items - Work items that are past their due date.
  5. My Milestones - An overview of the milestones associated with you.
  6. Today's Work Items - Work items scheduled for the current day.
  7. Global Reports - Chronology gantt, milestone gantt, and the resource utilization chart across projects.
  8. My Timesheet - Graphical representation of the time log entries made in the last seven days. 
  9. My Events - Events scheduled for the current week.

New Feed tab

The world runs around news feed. Hence, we have given primary focus to the feed by placing it as a standalone tab at the top of the portal.

  1. Click Feed at the top of the portal.
  2. Click the Feed section to access the latest news feed in your portal.
    • Click Status to view the status posted by everyone till date
    • Click Activity Stream to view the activities logged or the changes made till date

Enhanced Projects Listing

We have enhanced the projects-listing in Zoho Projects. To help you get a clear view about the projects in your portal, the other project settings have been moved to the Global Setup page and we have retained only the project details in this page.

  • In the Active Projects listing, we have now added View By Owner .
  • We have introduced Trashed Projects to help you discard the projects that you don't need. However, they can be restored later.

Vibrant Project Dashboard

The UI of the project dashboard is changed to give a better visual appeal. The widgets help you get the overall status of the tasks, bugs, milestones, users, statistics, etc, in a vibrant and easier way.

  • The left panel is collapsible now.
  • The tabs in the left panel are iconified to help you navigate easily when the panel is collapsed. Hover over any icon to get its name.
  • A new tab - Reports & Charts   is introduced in the left panel to help you access all the reports and charts in the selected project.
  • Other Actions menu  is in the upper-right corner to help you edit the project, navigate to the project specific settings, switch on or off wizards, and delete the project.
  • The following widgets are new:
    • Timesheet summary
    • Team Status
    • User-wise work item status
    • Top 5 Taskminators
    • Top 5 Bugminators
    • Today's Work Items
    • Budget Status

Upgraded Reports & Charts Module

Reports play a major role in a project. To help you access reports and charts easily across and within projects, we have introduced a tab - Reports & Charts in Zoho Projects.

The following are the types of reports that you would see in Zoho Projects.

  • Gantt Charts - Visual representation of tasks and milestones
  • Resource Utilization - Manage the work load of the resources in the team.
  • Planned vs Actual - Measure the productivity with the difference in the planned and actual hours.
  • Task Reports - Graphical representation of the tasks and their progress
  • Bug Reports - Graphical representation of the bugs and their progress
  • Timesheet Reports - Graphical representation of the time logs and their billing status


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