Zoho Support Integration

Zoho Support integration with Zoho Projects allows you to submit tickets as bugs from within Zoho Support. If you use both Zoho Support and Zoho BugTracker for your business, you can quickly add bugs and track their status to closure.

Before you begin:

  • Subscribe to the Enterprise edition of Zoho BugTracker and Zoho Support.
  • Activate the Zoho BugTracker under Setup in Zoho Support.
  • Portal Owner alone can activate Zoho Support and BugTracker integration.

 Copy ZSC Key

To get started with the setup, you need to get the administrator’s e-mail address and the related ZSC key from your Zoho Projects account. The ZSC key is used to communicate between Zoho Support and Zoho Projects.

To copy the ZSC Key:

  1. Login to Zoho Projects (http://www.zoho.com/projects/) account as a Portal Owner.
  2. Click Setup > Org Settings > Portal Settings to view the DEVELOPERS SPACE.
    ZSC key
  3. Copy the e-mail address and the associated ZSC Key to integrate Zoho BugTracker and Zoho Support .


  • You can also click Regenerate Key to get a new ZSC Key to be provided in Zoho Support

 Integrate Bugtracker with Zoho Support

You now need to integrate Zoho Bugtracker with Zoho support to file bugs from Zoho Support.

To integrate bugtracker with support:

  1. Login to Zoho Support ( http://www.zoho.com/support/) as an Administrator.
  2. Click the Setup link from the top right menu panel.
  3. In Others, click  Integrations.
    Integration and Add-ons
  4. Select Zoho Bug Tracker Integration and then click Activate Bug Tracker Integration.
  5. In Authentication Details specify bugtracker email ID in Enter the Bug Tracker Administration Email and ZSC key in Enter the Zoho Service Communication (ZSC) Key.
  6. Click Next.
  7. In Choose a Bug Tracker Portal, select a bug tracker portal from the drop down.
  8. In Choose Department, select the desired department.
  9. In Choose Project, select the desired project.
    • You can map a department in Zoho Support to a related project in Zoho BugTracker to route the bugs. Also you cannot associate a department to more than one project.
      Support mapping
  10. Click Save to add bugs from Zoho Support.

 File Bugs from Zoho Support

Once you have integrated Zoho BugTracker and Zoho Support, you can start filing bugs from Zoho Support into Zoho BugTracker.

To file bugs from Zoho Support:

  1. Login to Zoho Support.
  2. Click on a support request to view its details.
  3. Click File a bug from the list of available bug related options on the right side.
  4. In File a Bug you can find the relevant BugTracker Project and Bug Title pre-selected.
    File bug details
  5. Click Submit to file the support request as a bug in the selected project in Zoho BugTracker.
All bugs view


  • Bug Information section available at the bottom right panel in support request, displays more information about the bug.
Bug information
  • Support Request Information available at the top right panel in bugs, displays more information about the support request.
  • You can set business rules for bugs filed from Zoho Support using Update Zoho Support option in BugTracker.
  • Bugs filed from Zoho Support are exclusively displayed in Bugs from Zoho Support option in the Predefined Views in BugTracker.


  • Any response to the support tickets will be pushed to Feeds immediately.
  • The update will show up on the Notifications tab as and when there is a reply to a support ticket.
  • Comments are synced between Zoho Support and Zoho Projects. When the support team comments on an issue or a bug, the corresponding project feed is updated.

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