Subscribe to iPhone Mobile App from iPhone / App Store

You can install Zoho Projects mobile application in your iPhone in two ways:

  • Download and Install the Zoho Projects application from App Store within iPhone
  • Download Zoho Projects through iTunes and synchronize with your iPhone

Subscribe iPhone App from App Store

1 : From your iPhone browser, visit the App Store.

Enable iPhone

2 : Search for Zoho Projects in the App Store.

iPhone Add On

3 : Tap Zoho Projects in the product Info screen and click Free button. This installs Zoho Projects from App Store in your mobile and the button changes from Free to Installed.

Activate iphone for Users

Subscribe iPhone App from iTunes

1. Go to the iTunes site where Zoho Projects is listed. Here on the Free App link.

Enable iPhone

2. This prompts you to to provide your login credentials. Type your username and password of your iTunes account and click Create Apple ID.

iPhone Add On

3. Upon clicking this starts the download process and you can see the progress.

Subscribe iTunes install

4. Once installed, you can find the Free App link change to downloaded/ Sync from your phone and start accessing Zoho Projects right from your mobile phone.

Subscribe iTunes download