Zoho Projects and Zoho BugTracker API lets users/developers extend their web applications to push or pull data into or from Zoho Projects and Zoho BugTracker for application mashups. As the API is purely RESTful, your application could be in any of the programming languages like PHP, Python, Java, e.t.c. 

Mandatory URL for API

If the scope is ZohoProjects.<module>.<operation> -

If the scope is ZohoBugTracker.<module>.<operation> -

Please use the appropriate domain (.com, .eu, .in, .cn etc.)

OAuth token generated using Zoho Projects scope will not work on Zoho BugTracker API and vice versa.

Number of Records Per API

index and range are the parameters that must be passed for all GET API. The range you pass cannot be more than 200.  If the range is not explicitly mentioned, then the default range is 100.


Index is the position of the first record in the set that you wish to get and the range is the number of records to be fetched. For example, if you wish to get the records from 11 to 20, the index here will be set as 11(which is the position of the record) and the range as 10. Now, records from 11 to 20 will be displayed in a page.

Available Scopes in Zoho Projects

Here are the available scopes in Zoho Projects that allow you to access the token-enabled operations.

ZohoProjects.portals.ALL, ZohoProjects.projects.ALL, ZohoProjects.activities.ALL, ZohoProjects.feeds.ALL, ZohoProjects.status.ALL, ZohoProjects.milestones.ALL, ZohoProjects.tasklists.ALL, ZohoProjects.tasks.ALL, ZohoProjects.timesheets.ALL, ZohoProjects.bugs.ALL,, ZohoProjects.forums.ALL, ZohoProjects.clients.ALL, ZohoProjects.users.ALL, ZohoProjects.documents.READ,, ZohoProjects.tags.ALL, ZohoProjects.calendar.ALL, ZohoProjects.integrations.ALL, ZohoProjects.projectgroups.ALL, ZohoProjects.entity_properties.ALL, ZohoPC.files.ALL, WorkDrive.workspace.ALL, WorkDrive.files.ALL,

Available Scopes in Zoho Bugtracker

Here are the available scopes in Zoho Bugtracker that allow you to access the token-enabled operations.

ZohoBugtracker.portals.ALL, ZohoBugtracker.projects.ALL, ZohoBugtracker.activities.ALL, ZohoBugtracker.feeds.ALL, ZohoBugtracker.status.ALL, ZohoBugtracker.milestones.ALL, ZohoBugtracker.timesheets.ALL, ZohoBugtracker.bugs.ALL,, ZohoBugtracker.forums.ALL, ZohoBugtracker.clients.ALL, ZohoBugtracker.users.ALL, ZohoBugtracker.documents.ALL,, ZohoBugtracker.tags.ALL, ZohoBugtracker.calendar.ALL, ZohoBugtracker.entity_properties.ALL, ZohoPC.files.ALL, WorkDrive.workspace.ALL, WorkDrive.files.ALL,

API limitations

You can invoke or call an API for 100 times in a span of two minutes. If you invoke more than 100 times, the particular API request will be locked for the next 30 minutes.