Reports and Integrations

Zoho Projects offers integrations with Zoho Reports so that you can generate reports for any module in Projects. You can view and share reports with your team members to enable collaborative analysis of your project information. In addition to this, the Reports & Charts module in Zoho Projects helps you view the overall progress of the work and resources in terms of different charts and reports.

Zoho Analytics Integration

The Zoho Projects Advanced Analytics Add-on powered by Zoho Analytics, our online reporting & business intelligence service, allows you to slice and dice your Projects data. Reports and charts now displays the Gantt and Resource Utilization chart and Task Reports
Zoho Analytics

Reports in Zoho Projects

The Reports  module in Zoho Projects is a one-stop shop to access and manage all kinds of the charts used in Zoho Projects such as Chronology Gantt, Milestone Gantt, Resource Utilization Chart, Task Reports, Issue Reports, and Timesheet Reports.
Chronology Gantt | Milestone Gantt  | BaselineResource Utilization Chart | Planned vs. Actual Hours | Task Reports | Issue Reports | Timesheet Reports | Critical Path

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