Quick Add in Feeds

Feeds allow you to quickly share your status, add a task or milestone, file a bug and post a message in few easy taps without having to navigate all the way to the respective modules in Zoho Projects. You can also take quick screenshots of any webpages that you wish to share using the screen-grabber. You can add such annotated screen grabs in other quick adds such as feed, tasks, statuses and messages also.

 Project status

In a project feed, you can add status in no time. Just click the Status link and type the project status to share with your team and then click Submit. You're done!

User Status

 Add a milestone

Add a project milestone in a jiffy. Click the Add Milestone link and type the project milestone and then click Submit to add a new project milestone. You can specify other details like Users, Set Date and Milestone Flag.

Add Milestone

 Add a task

Add a project task almost instantly. Click the Add Task link and type the project task and then click Submit to add a new project task. You can specify other details like Users, Set Date and Priority. You can also, select a task list for the newly added task.

Add a Task


  • When you add followers, they will receive email notifications and updates via feeds for any change or update to the task.

 Upload a file

Upload a project file in no time. Click the Upload File link and attach the project file and then click Submit to upload a new project file. You can specify other details like File description and Folder Name. All your files are successfully uploaded in Documents tab and it shows up in each of your team members feeds.

Upload a File

 Post a message

Post a project message to your team. Click the Post a Message link and type the forum message and then click Submit to share a new message. You can attach relevant project files and choose the Category Name to post your project message. Your topic is posted under the chosen category for all project users to view and share their thoughts.

Post Message

 Submit a bug

Submit a project bug almost instantly. Click the Submit Bug link and type the Problem Title and then click Submit to submit the bug. You can specify other details like bug Description, attach Files, Set Dates and Users. Your bug is filed in Zoho Projects and the respective bug owner(s) is notified via an email and of course it shows up in their feeds stream too.

File Bug

 You can now, attach and share screenshots of any webpage or screen related to a task, bug or any status. The screen-grabber option is available in quick adds where you generally add attachments and files. Click the screen grab option and paste or attach the required image, and then click Done to upload the screenshot. An inbuilt draw tool lets you highlight what is important and blackout what you don’t want in the screenshot.