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Project Summary

Project summary is the individual count of Active Projects, Archived Projects and Project Templates.

Project summary

Click Projects to view the project summary. You can view projects by groups or by clients. And you can search for any project in the portal. View by Group displays the PROJECTS SUMMARY.

The project summary page shows a view of the recent, active, following and public projects in your portal.

Project Summary

Active / Recent projects

The Active Projects  lists all the projects which your are actively involved in your portal. Example : You might be actively working on 7 projects

The RECENT PROJECTS lists out the latest projects accessed by you in this portal. Example : You may recently accessed 5 projects in this portal

Active Projects

Following projects

The projects which you want to follow and get updates are grouped in Following Projects.

Following Projects

Public projects

The projects which you are part of and is made public by your portal owner are grouped in Public Projects. Learn More.

Public Projects

Projects summary for Admin / Users

User Summary :

The project summary dial shows up Active, Public and Following projects summary for Managers, Employees and Clients.

User Summary

Admin Summary :

The project summary dial shows up Active, Archived and Project Templates for the Portal Owner and Joint Admins in a portal.

Admin Summary

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