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We shall see how you can check the feed across projects and within a project here. If you have missed to learn what a feed is, you can refer this link first and then visit this page to know how to access project feed.

How do I...

What else can I do with the feed in Zoho Projects?

Check Feed Across Projects

  1. Navigate to the Feed tab in the top band to check the feed across projects in your company.
  2. By default, the feed will be loaded with the latest activities. You can find them under the Feed section in the main body of the screen.
  3. Click Status to look into the statuses posted recently by your peers.
  4. Click Activity Stream to have a track on your peers' activities on a daily basis and to know who is doing what. You can also go to a specific timeline to check upon someone's activity here.
  • Click the user profile in the feed to view all the activities of the user
  • You can send a direct message to or chat or follow the user

Check Feed for a Specific Project

  1. Click Projects in the top band and navigate to the project for which you would like to check the feed.
  2. Click the Feed module in the left panel.
  3. Check the latest activities that happened in that specific project in the default Feed section.
    • Click the Status and Activity Stream tabs to check the recent statuses and the latest activities of the project users respectively

Add a status

You can quickly post a status or share your thoughts with portal users. Use @ to mention users or # to tag tasks or issues.


  1. Type in your Status. To mention or tag someone in the status, prefix the ‘@‘ symbol before their name. To tag tasks and bugs, prefix ‘#’ to the task name and bug name.
  2. Select the project in which the status has to be posted to.
  3. Click Submit.

Update or Modify the status of the Work Items

In the feed section, you can modify a work item's status according to its context. i.e, When a task is updated, you can complete it from the feed itself; when a task is completed already, you can reopen it from the feed itself. That's how it works. The following screenshot is an example to help you understand this case.

Helen Collins completes a task at 2:44pm and the    menu says Click to open.
Whereas, she updates the completion percentage for another task at 2:51pm and its    menu says Mark as complete.

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