What is a project?

A project is any work that is done by an individual or a group of people within a specific time. Constructing a house, starting up a firm, managing an event are a few examples for a project. You can run your business without hassles when you execute it in smaller achievable phases, in a nutshell, as projects.

When do you need a project?

  • Helen buys stocks online. She spends an hour on it every day. She sets a reminder in her phone to do the trading everyday.
  • John is a policy agent. He sets appointments with his prospective clients; helps them invest wisely; gets the logistics done; follows up with them and closes deals.

In the above two examples, Helen’s target is very simple and achievable. It’s either a zero or one. She closes it on the same day. But, John does many things that span over time. He deals with different sets of people. He meets them on different dates and a lot of modifications happen in his schedule. He tracks, follows up, and completes. Hence, it would be apt if Helen takes up a task and John takes up a project to achieve their targets.

Zoho Projects helps you create tasks, tasklists, and projects that meet your business requirements. This section helps you create projects; edit them; view their details; and manage users accordingly.

Create Projects

Well begun is half done. Learn how to create, edit, and delete projects here.
Create a Project | Edit a Project | Trash a Project | Archive a Project | Layouts and Custom Fields for Projects | Task Roll-Up

View Project Information

Learn how to view the project information across projects and within a project here.
All Projects Listing | Project Dashboard

Configure Project Settings

Learn how to configure your project settings here.
Project Settings

Add Users

Learn how to add project users and client company users here.
Add project users | Add client users

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