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Portal Owner and Admin Permissions

Certain permissions are exclusive to the Portal Owner and cannot be shared with other users. Admins too have certain privileges not limited to the profile permissions.

PermissionPortal OwnerAdmin
Manage SubscriptionsY-
Change Portal OwnerY-
Backup portal dataY-
Delete PortalY-
Add admins to the portalY-
ZSC Key and API Access (Developer Space)Y-
Slack IntegrationY-
Import from BasecampY-
Edit Org SettingsYY
Zoho Apps integrationYY
Other Apps integration (except Slack Integration)YY
Service Hooks (Developer Space)YY
Export portal usersYY
Import users from Zoho PeopleYY
All running timers (Global Timer)YY
Project inline editYY
My Task bulk updateYY
Enable or disable tabs using Organise tabs optionYY
Delete Task Layout fieldsYY
Delete Issue Layout fieldsYY
Delete comments by other usersYY
My Calendar owner filterYY
Delete task and bug Custom ViewYY

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