Configurations and Notifications

You can configure parameters like email settings, notifications and client permissions to track bugs and set access privileges.


Notification pattern allows you to notify the respective project users about the bug details. You can notify the assignee, reporter or selected resources in the project. You can set the default notification pattern for bugs.


You can enable notification mails when a bug is created, assigned, closed, reopened, etc.

  1. In Projects, select the required project, and click Bugs. Choose Bug Settings from the displayed option and in Automation, click Notification
    • You can enable or disable the notifications. Configured notifications are highlighted in green and the yet to be configured notifications are in grey.
    • Also, click on the notifications to expand or collapse them. 
  2. In Email Template, choose or create an email template for your mails.
  3. In Notify to, select the required option. You can notify an Assignee, Reporter, Project Owner, and Followers.
  4. In Users, select your required mail recipients.
  5. Click Save to send the notification mail.

With Email Template, you can customize the notification mails to be sent. Learn More about Email Templates.

Notification Helper

If you want to check whether you will get notifications when new changes are triggered in the bug event, then you definitely need a notification search tool to filter your needs. Notification helper will help you to ensure whether the user will receive email notifications on bug events or not.

Available: Premium and Enterprise plans.

Access privileges: Portal Owner, Admin, Manager and User.

This new feature can help the Portal Owner, Admin and Manager to enable notifications for users in the portal, and check whether the particular user will be notified or not for the relevant bug event. Whereas, the Users in the portal can check whether they will receive an email notification for the pertinent bug event.

Notification Helper for Portal Owner, Admin and Manager

If you want to know, whether a particular user or client in your portal will receive bug event notification, just use the Notification Helper. To do this follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Select the Bug Setting menu in Bugs.
  2. Click the Other Actions icon at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select NotificationHelper to search for the particular user or client in your portal.


    • You can always rename the Bugs tab in the Org settings. The renamed text will be displayed in the header values of the notification screen. For example , if you set the label as "Ticket" , then the header values will be displayed as ,"Notify when a Ticket is created", "Notify when a Ticket is assigned" etc.,
  4. In Notification Helper, select the User, Bug and Notification Event.
  5. Click Submit to check whether the user will get notifications, when the specific bug event for the selected bug gets triggered.


Portal Owner, Admin and Manager can select the Notification Helper in two different ways

  • Click the Other Actions icon at the top right corner in the bug settings notification page, select Notification Helper


  • Select the bug and click the Other Actions icon at the top right corner of the page and, select Notification Helper

If the notification helper points out that the selected user will not receive notification for the specific bug event, then the Portal Owner or Admin should enter the user name against the bug event as specified in the Notification section.



The Portal Owner or Admin will not be able to view the notification helper, if they disable the notification. A warning message pops-up asking the owner or the admin to enable notification. Only, when they tap 'Click here to enable it' , they can view notification helper.


Notification Helper for Portal Users

Portal Users are not eligible for enabling bug settings, but they can check whether they will receive bug event notification for the selected bug or not by using the Notification Helper.

  1. In the selected project, click Bugs .
  2. Select the particular bug, for which you wanted to check the bug event notification.
  3. Click the Other Actions icon at the top right corner of the bug page.
  4. Select Notification Helper.
  5. Choose the Notification Event from the list of events displayed.
  6. Click Submit to check your notification status.


  • Only Portal Owner, Admin and Manager can assign users to receive event notifications
  • Notifications will not be sent for changes made by the user itself

If the users wants to receive notifications on his/her bug event activities, then the user needs to do the following:

  1. In Home, click Settings at the top right corner of the page.
  2. In E-Mail Notification , click to enable Copy me for the activities which i do.

Now, the text 'Notifications will not be sent for changes made by the user itself' will not be visible to the user. And, if the Portal Owner or Admin disables the notification for a particular user in the project, a warning message is displayed to the user. 



Configuration allows you to add a bug prefix to every project, set the authorization rights for the clients, and  configure email settings.

In Projects, select the required project, and click Bugs. Choose Bug Settings from the displayed option and then choose Configuration.

Bugs prefix

You can add a common prefix for the bugs filed from a project. You may be working on multiple projects and it's confusing when you do not know to, which project a bug belongs to. Adding a prefix to the bugs filed from every project makes categorizing much easier.

In Bugs Prefix, you can add a prefix and configure the bugs.


Client permissions

Configure your client permissions and privileges. You can set the default client permissions to view the bugs for the selected project. And you can collaborate with your clients and work on the bugs.

In Client Permissions, select the required permissions for the selected project.



  • Bugs can be assigned to client users only when Assign external Bugs to client users is selected.

Email settings for bugs

Configure email settings, to forward bugs to Zoho Projects from your configured mail ID. Email settings allows you to configure an email account as a POP account. In addition, add "" ID as a forwarding address in your email account.

Configure your preferred email to forward bugs

  1. In Bugs, click the Bug Settings.
  2. In Configurations, specify your custom email ID in Bug Email ID to forward the bugs.
  3. Click Update to save the email settings. And it will automatically generate your Zoho Projects POP ID to configure in your custom email account.

Sync Zoho Projects pop account and your custom email settings

  1. In your custom email, select the settings icon.
  2. In the field that is used to forward mails, specify the generated Zoho Projects pop account ID (
  3. A verification code will be filed as a bug in your Zoho Projects account. 
  4. Copy this code and configure in your custom email account settings to verify and sync your custom email and Zoho Projects pop account.
  5. Click Save.

After this configuration, any mail addressed to your custom email account will be filed as bugs in Zoho Projects.

As a sample we have configured Gmail and Zoho Projects.

  1. In Gmail, select the Settings icon at the top right corner.
  2. Choose the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  3. In Forwarding, specify the generated Zoho Projects pop account ID.
  4. A verification code will be filed as a bug in your Zoho Projects account.
  5. Copy this code and configure in your custom email account settings to verify and sync your custom email and Zoho Projects pop account.
  6. Click Save.