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My Timesheet is an interface in Zoho Projects where you can access and manage your timelogs across different projects in one go. We shall learn how to make the best use of the My Timesheet widget and the Timesheet Reports here.

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Feature availability

  • Feature Availability: All paid plans

How do I...

 Access My Timesheet Widget

You can log working hours across projects using My Timesheet.

  1. Click Home in the top band and navigate to the My Timesheetwidget. Here, you get an overview of the time-logs recorded in the past 7 days.
  2. To view the complete list of your time-logs, click View More in the upper-right corner of the widget.
    My Timesheet
    • Click Add Log Time to log working hours on a daily basis. i.e. Choose a date from the date-picker and log time for the selected date
    • Click Weekly Log Time in the upper-right drop-down action panel to log time on a weekly basis. i.e. Span across weeks with the and   icons in the upper-right corner and log time for the selected week
    • Click  to filter the data and get the results based on Projects, User, Type, Time, and Billing Status
    • Click  to export the timesheet across all projects to a specific file format like .xls, .csv, and .pdf

Since you are dealing with multiple projects in My Timesheet, you must select a project first when you log time.

 Manage Different Timesheet views

You can view timesheets in List, Grid and Calendar views.

List view

In List view, the tasks and bugs are displayed on a daily basis for the selected time period and you can also see the total billable and non-billable hours for that week. By default, the current week is displayed with its billable, non-billable and total status.

Grid view

 In Grid view, the tasks and bugs are displayed within grids for the selected time period and you can also see the total billable and non-billable hours for that week.

Calendar view

In Calendar view, total log time for both billable and non-billable is displayed against the dates in a calendar. You can click on a selected date to view its timesheet in List view.

 Access Timesheet reports

  1. Navigate to Projects->your project.
  2. Click  - Reports & Charts module in the left panel.
  3. Click Timesheet Reports.
    • This report fetches you the time-logs recorded in the current month in the form of a pie chart by default.
    • The users are differentiated by different shades. You can click on any shaded area to get the detailed timesheet information about the chosen user.
    • You can also change the Chart Type from the drop-down action panel in the upper-right corner
Options to Save
  • You need to install latest flash player in your machine to view these reports.
  • To download latest Flash Player Click Here

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