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Personal Settings

Zoho Projects allows you to customize your theme, set your favorite language, upload your snap and email latest activities.

 Configure profile

Setup and customize your profile. Click Setup at the top right corner, and in Personal Settings setup your profile, and choose a theme for your project account. You can also click the Change Photo link to change your profile photo. Plus, in LANDING PAGE, you can select and set your preferred project module as the landing page.

Configure Profile

 Configure Email Notification

Configure your Email notifications with respect to changes in activities related to tasks, milestones, forum post, new document upload, etc. Select the checkboxes according to your need and save the changes respectively.

Configure Email Notification

 Email My Activities and Unassigned Tasks

Configure your Email notifications for pending tasks and unassigned tasks, from your personal settings.

  1. Navigate to Personal Settings and click Email Notification.
    • In Email My Activities, the list of overdue tasks, pending tasks, and milestones across all the projects will be consolidated and sent to you.
    • In Unassigned Tasks, the list of unassigned tasks and bugs (i.e. tasks or bugs that don't have an owner) across all the projects will be consolidated and sent to you.
  2. Click Remind me to select the frequency (i.e. Daily, Weekly, or Monthly).
  3. Specify Select Date and Select Time to receive the notification mails for the pending activities and unassigned tasks from the selected date and time.
Email My Activities

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