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Log Working Hours in Timesheet

Log work hours and track time spent on tasks and issues.

Feature availability 

  • Feature Availability: All paid plans.

 Log time - Daily

  1. Navigate to Projects and select your project.
  2. Click Timesheet in the left panel.
  3. Click Add log time in the upper-right corner.
  4. Select the Date, User, and the Task/Bug detail for which you are going to log time.
    • It is also possible to enter the log hours for activities other than tasks and bugs. Click the link - Enter Other Log Entries and enter the general activity details, if any. 
    • Click Select Task to log hours for tasks and bugs as usual.
    • Additional notes can be given under Notes.
    • You can also log hours for closed tasks and bugs.
  5. Log the time in Hours and set the Billing Status respectively.
  6. Click Submit.

 Log time - Weekly

  1. Navigate to Projects and select your project.
  2. Click Timesheet in the left panel.
  3. Click Add log time in the upper right and select Weekly Log time.
  4. Enter the log details accordingly.
    • Click on  next to work hours to add additional notes to your time log. The icon turns yellow () when you add notes.
  5. Click Save and Add New.


  • To add any number of extra rows to log effort ,click +Add Row link which is at the left bottom of the fifth row.
  • Click on the date range shown above the column headers to select a week.
  • Click the left and right arrows in the upper-right corner of the timesheet to view the previous and next week effort respectively.
  • Click  icon next to task or issue entry to add any other log entries.
  • If Time Log Restriction is enabled, you cannot enter log hours exceeding the daily and weekly log hour limits. 

Supported Time Entry Formats :

Earlier, the only supported format of time entry was with a colon i,e 3:30. We've now extended that further to include support for more time entry formats. For Example, if you enter 3.75, our timesheets automatically interprets the entered time as 3 hours and 45 minutes. To learn more about the supported time formats, click  beside the Hours field when you Add Log Time.

 Edit / delete log entry

  1. In Timesheet , under the List view, hover over the log and click  .
  2. Choose to edit or delete the entry accordingly.

 Approve Timesheets

If timesheet approval setting is enabled you can go ahead and start approving timesheets.

  1. Navigate to Projects and choose a project.
  2. Click Timesheet to view the entries in the list view.
  3. Hover over a record and click Approve or click Reject and provide a reason for rejection. (or)
    • Select one or more records and click Status to mark the timesheet(s) as Approved or Rejected or select Pending if you want to put the timesheet(s) on hold. Also, change the Billing Status between billable and non-billable.

Feature availability

  • Feature Availability: Express, Premium, and Enterprise plans.


  • In List view, the timesheet entries can be filtered based on their approval status for billing. Also while generating the invoice, only the approved timesheet entries are billed.
  • When Time Log Restriction is enabled, you cannot update the status of the time logs that exceed the log hour limits using bulk update.

 View note(s) for log entry

  1. Navigate to Projects  >  your project  >  Timesheet  >  List view section.
  2. Hover over Show Notes against a time log entry to view notes.

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