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Latest Activities

Latest Activities in Zoho Projects gives a bird's eye view of all happenings in a project. It keeps you well informed on the progress of a project.

 Latest Activities

Latest activities view list all the latest happenings going on in a project. Each update is differentiated visually for a better understanding of the update.

Stream of latest Feeds

 What am i working on right now..?

You can tell your project team mates now what you are working on, for example...Want suggestions for credit and ledger redesign. By this let your team members know what you are currently working on.

 User Status

Find out what other team members are working on. The Users Status tab lists all details of your project members.

To delete user status :

  1. Click Delete icon
  2. An alert message Do you want to delete this status ? is displayed
  3. Click OK button. This deletes the user status from dashboard

Your user status will get deleted.

Delete status

 Project Overview

Create an overview of your project to help your team members and clients quickly understand the purpose and scope of this project. You can specify your project goals too.


  • Show Project Overview and Hide Project Overview are present as toggling views.
Project overview

We've provided an option to edit your project overview.

  1. Click Edit Overview option
  2. This opens a Project Overview form with editable contents
  3. Make required changes in the contents
  4. Click Update icon

Your latest project overview is updated.

Edit overview

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