1. What are the privileges of a project user?

The following are the privileges of a project user

  • Add tasks and milestones
  • Upload and access documents
  • Post a forum topic and send comments
  • Create and collaborate using wiki and chat
  • Add notes, schedule meetings
  • File a bug and fix bugs

2. What are the privileges of a client user?

The following are the privileges of a client user

  • View milestones of a project
  • Access project documents and dashboard
  • View forum topics and send comments
  • View Bugs tab (read only access)

Note: Client users cannot access Timesheets.

3. I deleted a client user and tried to add them as a project user, but could not do so. Why ?

The message user already added as client to this organization is displayed because you would have deleted (removed) the user only from the project and not from the entire organization. You must delete the user from the organization, to add them again as a user. Learn More.

4. Can I delete a project user and add him/her as a client user and vice versa?

Yes. You can delete a project / client user and  add them again as a client / project user. 

Learn More, to add a client user.  

Learn More, to add a project user.

5. I was invited to join a portal but could not find the invite mail?

The invite mail is a system generated mail sent from Zoho Projects along with username and password. Sometimes this mail would have landed in your SPAM folder. Hence we request you to check your SPAM folder for the invite mail.

If you are not able to trace the mail kindly mail to support[at]zohoprojects[dot]com for further assistance.

This is how your invite mail sent from Zoho Projects would look like :

Invite mail

6. I got an invite mail but project portal denies access for me?

The portal owner who invited you to their portal would have forgot to add you as part of their project hence the access is denied for you. To get an access, you need to request your portal owner to add you as a member in their project.

7. Being a client user I am not able to see the tasks of a project?

Only milestones marked as External in Milestone flag is accessible for client users and not otherwise. Learn More.

8. Can a project be assigned to a client user instead of client company?

No. Currently, the project can be assigned to a client company only. i.e Any of the client company added to the project can be made as the Primary Client.

9. Is it possible to modify or define user roles?

No. The user roles and its access privileges are predefined. As per the existing design you cannot modify or define new user roles.

10. Is creating new client company and associated users limited to the portal owner only?

Client Company and associated users can be added by the Portal Owner, Administrator and Manager. If you are in either of the aforementioned roles, you will be able to add the client company and users.

11. Is there a way to retrieve names from our active directory to assign users?

It is not possible to retrieve names from your active directory to assign users. The users must be added into your projects portal in order to have them assigned to the tasks and other project activities.

12. If I delete a user, what happens to their tasks or bugs?

If you delete a project user, all their tasks, bugs, and other project activities will still be available. And the Portal owner can assign it to another project user.

13. Is it possible to deactivate users in projects?

No. You cannot deactivate users, but only delete project users.