Task Operations

1. Can I receive notifications via text message?

No. As of now, we do not have a notification alert via text message. You will only be receiving an e-mail notification for the project activities that you do. 

2. Can I receive notification when a task is completed?

Yes, you will receive a notification message when a task is completed. You can configure your notifications in Setup > Personal Settings > NotificationsLearn More on how to receive instant notification when you complete a task.

3. I am not able to link tasks to milestones. Why?

No, you cannot link tasks to milestones. But, you can associate a tasklist to a milestone. 

4. Can I print the Gantt view in landscape or portrait format?

Yes, you can print the Gantt view in both landscape and portrait format based on your orientation choice in print settings.

5. I am trying to export all the Milestones associated with my account. Is this possible?

According to our current design, you cannot export the milestones. If needed, you can export your tasks across projects using the Export option in the My Tasks section.

6. Is the Zoho Projects Calendar integrated with Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, Zoho Projects Calendar can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook. So, while using outlook, you can manage your workflow by scheduling it in Zoho Projects Calendar.

7. My tasks are not displayed in Google Calendar. Why?

To display your My Tasks in Google Calendar, the particular tasks should have a duration (Start Date and End Date) and the Add to Google Calendar option should be enabled.  


  1. You can view only the tasks assigned to you.
  2. Add to Calendar option is available only for Google Apps Users or 'Google Apps for Work' Users

8. Can I customize my task columns?

Yes, you can customize your task columns. To know, how to customize, visit our user guide for a detailed understanding. 

9. How will I edit my task name?

Click the Tasks menu and select the requisite task. In the task details page, place the cursor on the task name found at the top of the page. Now, edit the task name.

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