1. Can I receive notifications via text message?

No. As of now, notifications are sent only by Email.

2. Can I receive notification when a task is completed?

Yes, you will receive a notification message when a task is completed. You can configure your notifications in Setup > Personal Settings > Notifications

Learn More.

3. How can I change the Priority (High, Middle, Low)?

No. You cannot change the priority names as it is predefined. Customization is not supported yet.

4. I am not able to link tasks to milestones and I am unable to create task dependencies. Why?

Tasks > Task Lists > Milestones. This is the design flow. Milestones are related only with Task Lists and not with Tasks. A Task List alone can be linked up to a Milestone, where you can create Tasks under the Task List and associate the Task List to a Milestone.

5. Can I print the Gantt view in landscape or portrait format?

Yes, you can print the Gannt view in both landscape and portrait format based on your orientation choice in print settings.

6. Can I organize tasks using milestones?

In Zoho Projects, a task cannot be associated directly with the milestones. The task should be associated with the Task List and then the Task List with the milestone. This is because the hierarchy is "Milestone > Task List > Task".

7. I am trying to export all the Milestones associated with my account. Is this possible?

No. You cannot export only the milestones in the current design. If needed, you can export your tasks across projects using the Export option in the My Tasks section.

8. Is the Zoho Projects Calendar integrated with Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, Zoho Projects Calendar is integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

9. My tasks are not displayed in Google Calendar. Why?

Tasks assigned to you will be displayed in your Google Calendar, only when the task is created with the duration (Start & End date) and the Add to Google Calendar option is enabled. However, the Add to Google Calendar option is available only for the Google Apps users.

10. Can I customize my task columns?

Yes, you can customize your task columns. Learn More.