1. How to backup or export the project information?

Click Setup > Org Settings, and then click Portal Settings, to access your portal settings. In DATA BACKUP click Export to backup the project information. Once the backup process is completed, you will receive an email with the link to download the project information. Learn More


  • This option is available only in the paid packages and is accessible only by the Portal Owner.
  • All the project information, except physical copy of the files is available in XML format.

2. Where do I create the Task List Template. Is this option available in Zoho Projects?

Yes, the Task List Template option is available in Zoho Projects. Learn More.

3. How can I save comments in a template that I am creating from a task list?

It is not possible to save the comments in a template because the Task Template does not support ownership, duration, notes/comments and documents/forums association.

4. How do I delete the saved task templates?

The task templates can be deleted by the Portal Owner, Administrators and Managers. Learn More.

5. Can I configure notifications for any task or milestone activity?

Yes, you can configure notifications for any task or milestone activity. Learn More.

6. Is there a way to change the portal settings?

Yes, you can change the portal settings. Learn More.

7. Is it possible to configure the default approval status for timesheets?

Yes, you can set the default timesheet status to Billable or Non Billable. Click Setup > Org Settings, and then click Portal Configuration, to access your portal configuration. Learn More.

8. Can I add vacation or holiday in the project business hours?

Yes, it's possible to configure holidays in the project calendar. Learn More

9. Can I change the portal owner in Zoho Projects?

Yes. You must be the Portal Owner in order to change the ownership. The ownership can be changed to another user only if the user is in the Admin role. Learn More.

  1. Click Org Settings, and then click Portal Settings to access your portal settings.


Only users with Admin role will be listed in the Select New Portal Owner drop-down. This updates the new portal owner. And the Portal Owner change is enabled only for paid plans. However, you cannot change the Portal Owner for the portals integrated with Google Apps domain.