1. How can I synchronize my project milestones and meeting with the calendar in Zoho CRM?

No, it is not possible to sync the project milestones and meetings with the calendar in Zoho CRM.

2. How can I synchronize my project milestones and meetings with Google Calendar?

The tasks, meeting and milestones assigned to you across all the project can be seen in the Google Calendar with the help of the gCal link available in the Calendar tab. Learn More.

3. Can I invoice the project from Zoho Invoice?

If you are the Portal Owner, you will be able to create invoice for the billable timesheet entries from Zoho Invoice.

4. Can I share contacts between CRM and Project?

Contacts can be imported from CRM into Projects once these services are integrated with each other. Import contacts from Zoho CRM.

5. Is there a way of combining Zoho Projects and CRM?

Zoho Projects and CRM can be integrated with each other. Refer the link mentioned below to integrate these two services.

Activate Zoho Projects for your CRM account

6. I have synchronized my folder with Dropbox, but the sync seems to have stopped. Why?

If you don't access your configured Dropbox account for more than 15 days, the sync process will stop.

7. Can I file bugs in Zoho Projects from Zoho Desk?

Yes, you can file bugs from Zoho Desk, if it is integrated with Zoho Projects.Learn More.

8. Can I integrate with Github and collaborate?

Yes, you can integrate with Github and host your repositories, view source commits and make code changes. Learn More.

9. What are the third party products integrated with Zoho Projects?

Zoho Projects is integrated with a bunch of third party tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Github, Bitbucket, and more such apps. Learn More.

10. Do you support CRM task integration?

Yes, we do. You can add tasks in Zoho Projects and save it to Zoho CRM directly with this integration. Two-way sync is also enabled between Zoho CRM and Projects. The task updates and comments are synced as and when there are changes.Learn More.

11. Do you support Office 365 integration?

Yes, we do. You can import your Office 365 users to Zoho Projects at both project and portal levels.Learn More.

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