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Frequently Asked Questions in Dashboard and Feeds

1. Can I send a personalized message to a user within a project?

Yes, you can send a personalized message to a user in two different ways.

  • Click the user, select Send Message, and enable the Send as Direct Message option
  • In the STATUS tab, type @ to mention the user, and enable the Send as Direction Message checkbox

2. How do I find all my project activities in one page?

Place the cursor on your user profile and click View Profile. Now, you can view your project activities in the Activity Stream. Also, you can view the project activities of all the users by selecting Activity Stream in Other Actions in your dashboard.

3. How to organize the project tabs for both portal and client users?

You can enable the project tabs visibility to both your portal users and client users by choosing the Project Customization at the top right corner of your projects page. In the PROJECT TAB ORGANIZE, enable the requisite tabs in the For Project Users section and enable the required tabs in the For Client Users section.

4. Where will I view the entire project progress?

A detailed project progression status is visible in the Project Progress. This will help you to view the actual and planned status, top five users in your projects, the percentage completed for all the project activities in the specific project. This is how you can do it:

  • Click the required project and select Dashboard
  • In the top right corner, select the Project Progress

5. How to manage my projects using my personal email id?

Every project will hold a set of unique email alias for all its project entities like tasks, documents, forums and bugs. The general format for email alias is <->@zohoprojects.com. You can add project entities from your personal email id and manage your projects page from within your email.

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