Issue Tracker

Issue Tracker module in Zoho Projects is a powerful tool to define and organize issues. By being able to clearly analyze the life cycle of an issue in its different stages, project members are motivated with a sense of awareness in fixing the problem.

Benefits of Issue Tracking Software

  • Complete visibility of unresolved issues with views filtered by severity, category, etc.
  • Manage issues by defining a cycle based on stages that can in turn be customized.
  • Motivate team members to fix issues with access to resolutions, history, comments for each issue.
  • Automate reminding and notifying members in charge of fixing issues by setting notifications.
  • Improve productivity by exactly knowing which issues are reproducible and to what level.

Issue View and Integrations

Have a consolidated view of the bugs reported or assigned to you. With this you can get to know the number of bugs that need to be fixed and their status.
Manage Issues | List View of Issues | Kanban View of Issues | Zoho Desk Integration | Github Integration | Crashlytics Integration | Bitbucket Integration

Automate Issues

Issue tracker's flexible workflow pattern lets you define individual workflows for different projects. It's easy to configure workflows in Zoho Projects to reflect your company's unique needs.
Status and Workflow | Business Rules | Service Level Agreement | Web to Issue Form | Link Issues | Associate Issues with Tasks | Email Templates for Issue Notifications | Webhooks | Custom Functions

Classify, Filter and Import Issues

Severity is the measurement of how seriously the defect affects the application and its use. You can group issues into different classifications like Security, Crash/Hang, Data Loss, etc.
Notifications | Severity Classifications