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Email Templates for Issue Notifications

Communication plays a significant role in project management. Emails have become handy in the business world to communicate effectively. Zoho Projects very well understands this fact and it provides Email Templates to customize the automated Emails according to your need. With Email Templates, you can customize the notification mail structure for various events i.e. when an issue is created, updated, deleted etc.,. You can associate the Email templates to any notification event or an SLA. 

Feature availability and Access privileges

  • Feature Availability: Enterprise plan

 Create a new Email template

  1. Navigate to your project and click Issues in the left menu.
  2. Select Issue settings from the displayed options.
  3. In Issue settings, select Email Templates from Customization.
  4. Click Add Email Template at the top right corner.
  5. In Add Email Template page, specify all the fields.
  6. The fields Name and Subject are mandatory. The Subject is used as the notification mail's subject and the message typed in the editor is used as the mail content respectively.
  7. Click Insert Placeholder to insert placeholders for the issue related key information like Issue Key, Issue Title, Assignee, Escalation Level, etc.,
  8. You can insert placeholders along with your content, whenever necessary, in the Subject field and the mail content text area.
  9. You can either use default fields or custom fields accordingly when you insert placeholders.
  10. Click Save to proceed.

 Associate an Email template to a issue notification

  1. Navigate to Issue  >  Issue Settings  >  Notification
  2. Select one of the existing Email templates from the drop-down. Else, click the Create New Email template link to create a new Email template for the event.
  3. Specify the Notify to field with the required values.
    • You can select more than one person to notify. i.e.You can choose Assignee, Reporter, Project Owner, or any of the project users from the Users section,or any of the users from the User Picklists section accordingly.
  4. Click Save to proceed. Learn More about issue notifications.

You can also associate an Email template to an SLA. Learn More

 Edit / Delete an Email template

  1. Navigate to Issue  >  Issue settings  >  Email Templates.
  2. Hover the mouse over the required Email Template.
  3. Click or .
  4. Update the necessary fields and click Save or confirm to delete. 


  • The mail content of the Email template allows 32000 characters.
  • Inline images can be uploaded in the mail content whereas videos cannot be embedded in the Email template. However, you can link your video in the email template.
  • If an associated Email template is deleted, then the default Email Template will be used for Issue Notifications and SLAs.
  • If a deleted Custom Field's placeholder exists in an email template, it will not be replaced by any default field.
  • Action Performer placeholder represents the user who performs the action. i.e.the person who reports the issue, updates the status of the issue etc.,
  • In SLA's escalation mails, the Action Performer placeholder is replaced by the project owner's name.

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