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Import Google Apps Users into Zoho Projects

You can easily import Google Apps users into Zoho Projects. You can import the users for a portal or any selected project. However, you can import Google Apps users into Zoho Projects, only if have integrated your Google Apps account with Zoho Projects. This feature is not available for Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One users.

  1. Click  in the top navigation bar.
  2. Navigate to the USERS section and click Portal Users.
  3. Click  in the upper-right corner of the page and click Import From Google App.
  4. Select the Google App contacts of your choice and update their User Information like User Role wherever necessary.
  5. Set their Project Information by mapping them to a specific project or a set of projects from the list of Available Projects. You can also add a Personal Note if you wish to.
  6. Click Import Users Now.

You can also import Google Apps users within a specific project. For example: You can navigate to Projects->ProjectABC->Users->  and import your Google Apps contacts whenever necessary.

Now, instantly connect to Zoho Projects in Google Apps!

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