Do you want to interact with your team? Well, the best way is to create discussions. We definitely need a platform to create interesting topics to urge communication among our team members. With the online interactive forums, you can post a topic, discuss critical ideas and help capture the knowledge in a central place. Any group project involves discussions unlike emails and all the forum topics are available in the central location. Exchanging information with colleagues can make big ideas come alive.

Benefits of Forums

  1. Access relevant knowledge instantly for improved decisions.
  2. Interact with team members scattered across the globe.
  3. Escalate critical bugs and get an instant solution from experts in the team.
  4. Tap the knowledge, skills, and ideas in your team - all from a single place.

Start a New Discussion

Post an idea or a process so that your team members can participate and share comments. You can post a review process and check your team's opinion before implementing. In Zoho Projects, you can view Forums in the List or Expanded view. 

Post a Topic

  1. Select the required project and then click Forums.
  2. Click New Forum Post in the upper-right corner, to create a new forum post.
  3. Give an interesting Title for your forum, type a brief on your title in the Content section, attach files, choose a Category (if any), enable the Make it as sticky post or Make this as an announcement, select the users whom you want to notify on the forum post, and click Save to post the forum.

A new forum is posted and discussions start right away. When you announce a forum post all the project users will be notified, whereas when you choose to make it as a sticky post, it will be notified only to the selected users. 

Edit/Delete a Topic

You can edit or delete the forum topic. To do this, just click the Forums module and you can see all the forum topics that you have posted. Now, select Edit or Delete in the bottom of your forum topic. (or) Click open the particular forum and select the Edit or Delete option.

Engage Project Users

Post a forum topic and engage more users to share their ideas as comments. You can view the total number of replies, post a new reply or update the comments that you've posted.

Post a Reply

  1. Select the Post a reply option in the bottom of the forum topic. (or)
  2. Click the forum topic and select the Post a reply in the upper-right corner.

View Replies

You can view the replies and comments from other team members in the List View. Click the forum post and scroll down to view the replies or view the count of replies right next to the forum post.

Update Comments

After posting a reply you may want to edit. Click on a forum topic and in the already posted comments, click Edit to update your earlier comment or click Delete to delete the forum comment.

Organize Topic Across Categories

You can group your forum topics in the respective category. This becomes easier to sort, view and reply to forum posts.

Add a Forum Category

Select the required project in Projects, and then click Forums. Click the Add Category link in the upper-right corner to create a new category. You can organize topics belonging to a particular category in different folders.

Edit / Delete a Forum Category

Select the required project in the Projects, and then click Forums. Hover over the required category in Categories to the right side to enable the Edit Category and Delete Category link. You can now choose to Edit or Delete your category. When you delete a category all it's associated forum topics and comments will also be deleted.


Format your contents in a matter of minutes using our word processor like, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) Editor that offers rich formatting options.

  1. Make your text bold, italic, strike through and underline.
  2. Create headings for document titles and paragraphs.
  3. Format text with bullets, numbering, indents.
  4. Align text as Left, Right, Center and Justified.
  5. Insert links and images.
  6. Highlight text using colors, fonts, and styles.
  7. Alter text contents using cut, copy, paste, undo and redo options.

Watch/Unwatch Topics

Receive instant notification on a particular topic using the Watch this topic option. However, this option is enabled only when you do not participate in the forum discussions.

  1. Select the required project and click Forums.
  2. Click Watch this Topic in the upper-right corner next to Post Reply to watch a topic (or) Click Unwatch this Topic to unwatch the forum topic.
  3. Notifications will be sent to you on the latest updates for the selected forum topic.