What is a feed?

A feed is an update. It's a web notification about something that happens around you. Like how you check the latest updates in your Facebook and Instagram accounts to stay well informed about your friends and family; Feed in Zoho Projects is a notification about someone’s activity in your organization. The activity could be anything related to work like adding a task, updating a document, commenting on a status, etc.

When do you check feed?

Say you manage a team and you've got a lot on your plate to address everyday. As your team size increases, your workload also increases. Tracking things might not always be easy when you handle a big team. At this point you might need an interface that shows the latest updates from your team members with the details such as, who did what and stuff. Our Feed helps you manage these notifications with ease.

How does Zoho Projects help you through project feed ?

The Feed tab in the top band lets you access the feed across projects. You get to check the latest action, status, and activity log of everyone in your company across projects. Learn more about them in detail through the following links.

Learn how to use the project feed here.

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