Getting Started Guide

Chat Topics

Chat topics allows you to collaborate with other project users. You can create private or public chat rooms based on your business requirement.

New chat topic

You can start a new chat topic to initiate a chat with one person or a group. In Projects, select the required project click Chat and then click the Plus icon at the top right corner to create a new chat topic.

New Chat

Edit / Archive chat topic

You can edit only the chat topic created by you and not by others. In Chat, click the chat topic to open and then hover the mouse over the name of the chat topic on the Right Panel, to enable Edit Topic and Archive chat. You can archive the chat topic created by you and also download the chat, if required.

Edit Chat Topic


  • You can filter chat rooms.
  • For each project there is a default chat room created with an asterisk.
  • Public chat rooms are displayed with green status and private chat rooms with red status.

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