Bitbucket Integration in Zoho Issues Tracker

Commit codes to Bitbucket and view them inside Zoho Projects.

Since Bitbucket no longer supports Post URL you can integrate Zoho Issue Tracker with Bitbucket using an API.<PORTALID>/projects/<PROJECTID>/commits/bitbucket/?authtoken=<AUTHTOKEN>

To learn more about retrieving Portal ID, Project ID, and authtoken click here. You can call this webhook from inside Bitbucket to complete the integration. Only the Portal Owner can access the authtoken.


  1. Navigate to   >  Integrations  >  Developer Space.
  2. Click Service Hooks.
  3. Note the token value.

For Existing Integration

Users who have already integrated Bitbucket and Issue Tracker using service hooks can continue to do so. If you regenerate your auth token, login to Bitbucket and edit the token value. The integration will work normally.

  1. Navigate to   >  Integrations > Developer Space.
  2. Click Service Hooks.
  3. Copy the Post URL for Bitbucket Integration.

View Changesets in Issue Tracker

  1. Select your Project in Issue Tracker.
  2. Click Issues from the left panel.
  3. Click  in the upper-right corner.
  4. Select Changesets to view.
    • To view the changesets for a particular issue, click on the issue and then click Changesets.