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In this page, we shall learn how to create, edit, and manage milestones. We shall also learn about their four different types and how to use them effectively.

Click to learn more about access privileges for Milestones.

  1. Click Projects and in the Recently Accessed Projects section, select the project for which you would like to set milestones.
  2. Click Milestones in the left menu. You will see a list of milestones shown under two categories:

This listing is based on their status.

Active Milestones

All current, upcoming, and overdue milestones are listed under Active Milestones category.
You can…

 Add a Milestone

  1. Click New Milestone in the upper-right corner of the page.
  2. Give a name for your Milestone and set its Start and End Dates.
  3. Select a project user Who is responsible for the milestone.
  4. Set the Milestone Flag. If the flag is Internal, only the portal users can access the milestone. If it is External, the client users can also access it. 
  5. Click Save.

 Edit or Delete a Milestone

  1. Hover over an active milestone.
  2. Click  to Edit and update its attributes; Complete to close it; Delete if you no longer need it; view the Release Notes to get the list of completed tasks and bugs in the milestone.

 Release Notes

Release Notes has the list of the completed tasks and bugs in the milestone.

  1. Hover over an active milestone.
  2. Click  and choose Release Notes


  • Skip Weekends and Holiday Settings are used to calculate the number of days:
    • left to complete a milestone
    • that have gone by a milestone
    • That are ahead or behind schedule of a completed milestone (shown in Completed Milestones)
  • Click    in the upper-right corner to filter the milestones based on the Owner or Type.
  • Click    in the upper-right corner to export the milestones as a ".pdf" file.

You can also reorder milestones. Click the Reorder link; drag and drop the milestones the way you want; click Save Order. You are done.

Completed Milestones

The Completed Milestones section lists all the milestones that are completed in a project.

  • Hover over a completed milestone.
  • Click  to Delete, Archive, Open and view Release Notes

Archived Milestones

The Archived Milestones section lists the milestones that are deferred from use.

  • Hover over an archived milestone.
  • Click  to Delete, Unarchive, and view Release Notes

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