Works with Gmail, Google Drive & Google Calendar

Google Apps customers can now take advantage of Zoho Projects and its project management and collaboration benefits. Zoho Projects for Google Apps creates a rich, integrated experience for Google Apps users that includes single sign-on, integration with Google Drive and Google Calendar plus the ability to embed Zoho Projects information directly inside Gmail.

Sync your Tasks with Gmail

Export entire tasklists or selected tasks to Gmail, where you can modify them. These changes are reflected back in your Zoho Projects account when you use the Sync from Google Tasks option. This way, keep your work progress abreast in both the platforms.


Put Tasks in Google Calendar

Create a milestone, tasklist for your project. Now add a task with proper start and end dates then select the "Add to Google Calendar" option will automatically add your task to Google Calendar.


Embed Events in Google Calendar

Keep track of your events that is of high priority by exporting them to your Google Calendar. Just copy the iCal/gCal link from your Zoho Projects Calendar and load this in your Google Calendar.


Attach Files from Google Drive

Apart from attaching documents from Zoho Docs or from your desktop now you can easily upload your Google Drive files to your project in Zoho. This way your files stored in Google Drive can be shared with all the members in your project.