Visualize your progress with Gantt charts

Gantt charts help you plan and track your project better by giving you a visual representation of the current status of the project with respect to your initial plans. In Zoho Projects, you can easily set up dependencies and reschedule tasks using the simple drag and drop function in the built-in Gantt chart software.

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Create and edit dependencies

Sometimes there may be tasks that are related to one another and need to follow a particular sequence. The Gantt chart maker allows you to create four types of dependencies for such tasks, edit and delete them, or adjust the time lag between dependent tasks as needed.

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Online Gantt charts creator - Zoho Projects

Identify critical tasks

The critical tasks in a project are those tasks that, if delayed, would set back the entire project. When you have a strict project deadline, there is no room for mistakes. Identify these crucial tasks in our online Gantt chart software so you can plan and assign resources accordingly.

Stay on schedule

Set up baselines in the online Gantt chart creator to compare the project progress over different periods of time. End variance helps you identify the delayed tasks that need to be taken care of, while slippage tracks tasks that haven't started yet but have already slipped from the baseline's end date.

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Save time with Gantt chart templates

Depending on the work you do, you may have to run similar projects from time to time. When you create Gantt chart online for free, setting up projects all over again from scratch can be a tiresome process. Create a Gantt chart template or convert an existing project into a template and use these while creating a new project.

Get the details right

From milestones and tasks to dependencies and progress percentage, every small detail is color coded in our Gantt diagram so nothing escapes your attention. Furthermore, overdue work items are highlighted in red, and whenever you create a Gantt chart, holidays and weekends are clearly marked out for you.

Online Gantt charts -  Zoho Projects

Why do you need Gantt charts?

  • Better planning

    However simple or complex your project may be, in order to reduce scope creep and stay on track of the project schedule, you need a good project plan in place. The free online Gantt chart maker helps you visualize your entire project from a single space, plan and prioritize tasks well ahead and assign resources accordingly.

  • Enhanced visibility

    However prompt a person is in doing their assigned tasks, the ability to see how the project is moving forward as a whole is very important. Visibility into the tasks assigned to other team members helps the team better understand how the workload is distributed, what each person is working on, and how each person can contribute to make the project a success. Even free online Gantt charts provide this visibility.

  • Improved communication

    With increased visibility comes better communication. Most errors in a project arise because of communication gaps either due to teams working remotely or an unavailable team lead. Such errors in the very least result in a project delay. However, when all the necessary information is right there in a simple Gantt chart, everyone stays on the same page.

  • Increased flexibility

    However well thought a project schedule you have in place, unforeseen circumstances or unavailability of resources will mean that you have to revise your project plans as needed. When all your project information is visible and available on a single page in a free Gantt chart, and rearranging tasks is as simple as dragging and dropping, there's no need to worry.

I believe that Zoho Projects is the kind of tool that every company needs to get, because its cloud services and multi-platform support makes it the best management tool ever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gantt chart?

Gantt chart is a visual representation of the project timeline or schedule with emphasis given to depicting the relationship between your various work items.

Benefits of using an online Gantt chart maker

There are several tools like online Gantt chart software and project management software that can be used to visualize your project timeline. These free Gantt chart makers can automatically adjust your timeline in case of schedule deviations and highlight critical tasks to ensure project completion.

Does Zoho Projects offer a free Gantt charts creator?

Yes, you can create free Gantt charts online with Zoho Projects. The Gantt chart creator in our free edition has limited features that may be enough for small teams. For more advanced capabilities, check out our pricing plans to see which one suits your business needs.