About Perfect Clicks LLC

Perfect Clicks LLC is a digital development, management and investment company. We manage websites with the top 1% of online traffic, and provide innovative services and solutions to clients.

What tools were you using to manage your work before Zoho?

Previously, we used Google Docs, Dropbox, Email and Microsoft Office to communicate and collaborate.

What do you use Zoho Projects for? What are your favorite features?

Today, we use Zoho Projects to run our entire business- sharing docs, forums, status updates, chats and time tracking. Our editors assign and reassign tasks to our content team. Analysts are in constant contact with the promotions team, providing feedback and reporting. Moreover, account managers can easily track development stages and tasks to update clients easily. Everything is tracked, timed and reported through Zoho Projects.

The time tracking feature is one of the best. Irrespective of whether we are in the office or elsewhere, we can update our time logs either on the web or mobile. It keeps us accountable for small tasks, large projects or key meetings.

How has Zoho impacted your business?

Zoho has streamlined our company operations. The ability to track our time, share information and collaborate in real time allows Perfect Clicks LLC to grow as an organization, developing talent, meeting goals, and earning new business.

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