About Honeyguide Foundation

Honeyguide is a non-profit organization working in Tanzania, enabling local communities in over 2 million acres to benefit from and protect wildlife and habitat for generations to come.

What tools were you using to manage your work before Zoho?

Excel sheets are fine when you have a small team and not much going on. But as we scaled up, we had to search for more dynamic tools. We ended up using quite a few tools like Smartsheets and Producteev, but they were not ideal for our organization. We wanted to find a solution that could cater to all our requirements.

How has Zoho impacted your business? What are the most used features?

Zoho is easy to use and has a great interface. Some of my favorite features are the classic task list, the Gantt chart and the Kanban chart. Zoho Projects helps you to easily plan a project from scratch, execute the tasks according to priority and thus, produce a successful project in the end. Moreover, being a highly flexible and customizable product, adapting Projects for our company was a breeze.

Our team uses Zoho to make sure they deliver on time. This has enabled our teams to feel more confident about their work. We now have a reputation for an organization that is result-driven.

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