Issues facing the construction industry

Web of dependencies

You often find yourself trapped in trying to track and manage never-ending dependencies. One hiccup along the way and several other tasks are put on hold.

Time is money

You can't afford to postpone operations without huge expense overruns. Unmet deadlines often mean unplanned expenditures.

What? Who? When?

What's happening at the construction site right now? Who is supposed to ship the material? When is the meeting scheduled? And the list goes on...

But he said so.

Multiple people work on a single project. Miscommunication can lead to serious flops when the right information isn't communicated to the right people at the right time.

Why you need Zoho Projects

Detailed planning

The hierarchy helps you break down your project into work items such as milestones, tasklists, tasks, and subtasks. Each of these work items are given clearly defined owners, start dates, end dates, and more, making sure every little detail is captured.

Streamlined communication

Project documentation is key when it comes to a construction project management system. Store important information securely in Documents, publish your processes and safety measures in Pages, take your discussions to Chat or comments, and bridge any communication gaps.


Execute on your internal, and external communication. Your clients get controlled visibility into what is going on in the project. This makes sharing progress reports, pictures, and bills much easier. Plus, nothing builds trust like clearly presented information.

Real-time collaboration

While engineers are busy drawing up a workaround for a problem, the supervisors on the site don’t have to wait in silence. Real-time updates can be shared from right about anywhere, so that everyone’s on the same page, even when they’re not in the same location.

Resource management

Your people are your biggest assets. Keep employees happy by giving them the space to contribute ideas, keep a record of their working hours, and manage their time-off. Make sure they are never overworked by analysing the Resource utilization chart and making necessary shuffling.

One-stop solution

As you work hard on and off the site, managing your project itself shouldn’t become juggle work. Projects brings planning, tracking, and collaboration all in one place. From setting your project budget to sending out final invoices, everything can be taken care of using our construction project management tool.

See how Zoho Projects helps you work better



Track progress


your tasks


Log Issue

Email invoices

Generate and email invoices to clients.

Generate and email invoices to clients
Set dependencies

Set dependencies between tasks to maintain order. Learn more about Gantt Charts

Set dependencies

See overall progress in the Dashboard to shift focus to areas that need attention using our web-based construction project management software.

See overall progress in the Dashboard
Upload contracts

Upload contracts, pictures, agreements, and all property-related documents. Learn more about document management

Upload contracts
Schedule your tasks

Schedule your tasks with definite dates and assign the right people to each of them.

Schedule your tasks with definite dates
Employee profiles

Customize employee profiles and assign rates for different roles.

Customize employee profiles
Log Issue

Log issues and get them fixed quickly and efficiently using our free construction project management software. Learn more about issue tracking

Log issues


Get the added advantage of several Zoho apps and other third-party apps.


Zoho Projects has allowed us to replace whiteboards, Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft Project files with one single enterprise solution that our entire team can depend on.

- Lou Rodriguez

Rodriguez Consulting, Civil Engineering and Land surveying

Beneath every successful building is a strong foundation. Lay one now.

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Decoding construction project management software

What is construction project management software?

Construction project management software is a platform that helps you in planning, tracking and collaborating on construction projects. It has modules that cater specifically to the construction industry to make your work easier and brings together the builders, contractors, clients and other key stakeholders to one place.

What are the key features of construction PM software?

Some of the key features of a construction project management tool are:

  • WBS to sustain detailed planning
  • Document management for storing plans
  • Collaborative features to connect onsite and offsite workers
  • Resource allocation for an optimal delegation of work
  • Time tracking and invoicing to bill clients
  • Gantt charts for managing dependencies and project timeline

Why use construction project management tool?

The benefits of performing construction project management using a dedicated tool are

  • Collaborative planning between builders, contractors and clients
  • Remote collaboration involving all key stakeholders
  • Managing the up-to-date versions of all contract plans, tenders and documentation
  • Keeping track of project timeline to identify bottlenecks
  • Accommodate real-time changes by analyzing critical path
  • Generating and analyzing useful progress reports

Who uses construction project management software?

Construction project management tool is primarily used by people in the construction and real-estate sector. Some examples are:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Designers
  • Suppliers
  • Clients

Benefits of construction PM software

The benefits of construction PM software are

  • Budget management to manage all project related costs
  • Workflow automation for efficient process management
  • Online collaboration to accommodate distributed workers
  • File versioning and management to secure project data
  • Gantt charts with baselines to measure progress
  • Invoice and expense management for billing clients

How to choose the right construction project management tool?

Depending on your budget and business requirements, you can choose a construction project management tool based on

  • Technology: Cloud-based or on-premise construction management software
  • Budget: Construction project management software for small businesses or enterprises
  • Device compatibility: Native desktop, iOS, Android apps or web versions
  • Security: The security mechanisms available like self-hosted servers, privacy laws compliance etc

What is the cost of construction project management software?

Construction project management software for builders and contractors comes in all price ranges depending on the brand, feature availability, technology and implementation involved. From free versions to enterprise-level software, there are several software that provide a trial edition. This can be used to evaluate the product, not only in terms of functionality but also in terms of cost.

Why is Zoho Projects the best construction project management software?

Zoho Projects is the best construction project management software because it's not only affordable but also intuitive and feature-rich. We have a free version and a free trial for all our paid editions to try out the product. Zoho Projects is also scalable, secure and easy to adopt with features like intuitive Gantt charts, portfolio dashboard, detailed planning module, document management, budget tracking, time management and reporting.

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