A Little about Toneee.com, LLC

Toneee.com is a privately-owned Georgia Limited Liability Company founded in 2001. With business partners and affiliate companies throughout the United States, they have secured their position within the Information Technology industry and will continue to provide dozens of services to fulfill the Company Mission and Keys to Success. The company's primary mission is to provide total solutions to small, mid size, and large enterprises so that they may move @ the speed of business. Toneee.com has provided thousands of customers with reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for web design, e-commerce and business services through computer automation.

Toneee LLC Challenge

We have tried several web software packages and hosted services either the solution was not flexible enough to set up a project quickly, the learning curve was much too steep, or it was unable to accommodate multiple security levels without involved custom configuration. We chose Zoho Projects after the free trial because we were unhappy with every solution beforehand that simply cannot compare to the robust functionality of Zoho Projects. Zoho Projects worked perfectly upon sign up and the interface is easy to adjust to.

Zoho Solution

We typically manage between 25 -55 project simultaneously, all available within a couple of mouse clicks. We have completed over 100 projects using Zoho Projects, with a strong focus on the Forums, Documents, and Tasks/Milestones section. We assign users for every project and have started using the task/document/forum post association functions. We are also avid users of the Timesheet functionality.

The Impact

Zoho Projects has allowed us to grow as a company, because it allowed us to communicate efficiently without digging through thousands of emails. Each project is completely separate, and even retrieving a project from archives is as simple as a few mouse clicks. We believe that without Zoho Projects, we would not be able to handle the huge workload we face on a daily basis, with hundreds (thousands) of forum posts, documents, and tasks assigned to our entire team to complete a web project. With nearly every employee connected to Zoho Projects on a daily basis, it has become an integral part of our every day business.

Customer quote

We'd like to sincerely thank the folks at Zoho Projects for all of their hard work and dedication in making their product the best in class for executing Project Management tasks. We'd highly recommend it to anyone who's having problems co-ordinating and managing staff, especially on a global level.Thank you so very much for making it so easy to use and work with it's almost effortless !

1. Toneee LLC Home Page

Toneee.com has provided thousands of customers with reliable high-quality alternative to in-house resources of web design, e-commerce and business services through computer automation.

2. Tasks and Milestones

Requirement : Toneee's team design process involves dozens of tasks to be divided into 6 phases.

Usage : They were able to quickly incorporate the existing process into Zoho Projects using the standard Tasks & Milestones area. The system was flexible enough to create "Project Templates", which inserted all tasks, task lists, and milestones into a brand new project in a single click !

Result : This saved the Project Managers enormous amount of administrative / set-up time and practically eliminated human errors during the setup process.

3. Forums

Requirement : Toneee's team had to communicate with project members to organize the activities carried out in each project. Usage : They used Forums feature of Zoho Projects, which became a central place of communication, and they often use categories to organize the conversations since a single project involves several services. Example : One of their client has a Web Maintenance Plan, and also uses them for Merchant Services, so they categorized e-commerce related inquiries/posts under "Merchant Service Items". Result : The forum has been pinnacle of communication between their employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and thus the knowledge was captured at a single place.

4. Dashboard

Requirement : A single place to capture constant updates about all the activities carried out in the project. Usage : The Dashboard allows any of the users to review what is going on with a particular project, including the most recent document uploaded, the most recent forum post entries and the items assigned to that member for the entire week. Result : Zoho Projects Dashboard is an intuitive, user-friendly interface which captures the most recent activities of a project in a central location with total control for clients, managers and administrators.