A little about Libralato Ltd.

Libralato Ltd is an innovation specialist in low carbon vehicle technologies, with new solutions for low cost hybrid systems, validated through European Green Cars Initiative and Innovate UK projects. Founded in 2008, Libralato Ltd is reviving the legacy of Rolls Royce in its inner-city birth place in Manchester, UK, developing light duty vehicle powertrains fit for the 21st century. The revolutionary Libralato rotary hybrid engine and 48V Town & Country Hybrid Powertrain (TC48) project show how all cars could combine electric driving in urban areas, and using a small, ultra low emission engine on the highway; reduce fuel consumption by two thirds and CO2 by over 50%, without subsidy or range anxiety.

Before Zoho Projects.

Since we collaborate on projects internationally, remote project management is essential. Before we started using Zoho Projects 5 years ago, we relied mainly on emails and a bit of Dropbox. Things have changed a lot since then but Zoho has stayed ahead of the game.

After Zoho Projects.

Since we moved to Zoho we never looked back - 100Gb of storage as standard, proper version control of documents, group calendars and automatic reminders, Gantt charts and milestones, delegations of tasks, user forums, integration of google apps - and there is still a bunch of features we haven't used yet like timesheets and integrated billing! I don't know of a better collaborative software package.

The verdict.

Zoho's security is top-notch and its intuitive user-interface has continuously improved. New people joining projects don't really need training and can 'hit the cloud running' so to speak!