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Dreamscape marketing

About Dreamscape Marketing

Dreamscape Marketing works in the elective medical digital marketing space, which includes anything from plastic surgeons, therapists to dentists. We build and maintain leading-edge digital marketing websites, email campaigns, branding campaigns, PPC, SEO, and develop mobile apps.

How Zoho Projects transformed the way we work

We were using Podio, and Wrike before we switched to Zoho. Zoho Projects has allowed my company to build processes and procedures for all of our products and services that we deliver so that we can deliver the same product to every client that we have time and time again. Zoho Projects has allowed my organization to grow by utilizing its ability to manage all of our projects in a very systematic and procedural manner.

What we love about Zoho Projects

The best part about Zoho projects is that you are able to template your projects, and then modify them over time to be the best that they can be. Forgot a task the first time? No problem, modify the templates for the next, keep what's good, remove what's bad, and keep improving your process. Other services like Asana, Basecamp, and Wrike, in my opinion, don't provide a structure that allows you to build upon your proven processes where Zoho does.