A little about Pedro and Ckyosei

Pedro Martin is the President of the Asociacion Ciudades Kyosei, as well as a PhD student at the Open University of Catalonia. He is undertaking a research project - currently from Guatemala - that aims to design and build an open source online system to facilitate and foster citizen participation at the municipal level, which can be used both in "developed" and "developing" countries.

CKYOSEI Challenge

His organization was already using Basecamp to coordinate the work of a virtual team of coordinator and students working on a FOSS project. They felt somehow constrained. Basecamp was easy to use, but not powerful enough. Not all the functionality they needed was in place. And since they were using the free environment, they were even more constrained.

Zoho Solution

Pedro read about Zoho in a Web 2.0 article. Looking for some wiki environment he landed Zoho website and saw the initiative to support FOSS project with Zoho Projects. He then decided to give it a try, and now he is very happy with the change. With Zoho... we no longer feel constrained. No doubt, there are improvements to be done, but you are almost there, providing most critical stuff organizations like us need.

The Impact

We feel certainly improved than before. It's almost like we are sitting together when we are actually scattered through out the world. With our model for development, our "clients" are the tutors and teachers responsible for the students' work. They are able to track progress of our activities at any moment using Zoho Projects.

So an educational organisation like CKYOSEI is able to successfully use Zoho Projects and the remarkable thing is the entire team is using Zoho Projects for their developmental purpose.