Go with the flow
Blueprint has everything you need to automate tasks systematically. Navigate to Task Automation in Zoho Projects Setup to create your blueprint now.
Budget is a big deal
When your boss asks for the budget review, the last thing you want to do is estimate the costs of all the tasks and their overruns. Our new Project Budget helps you accurately plan costs and track overruns.
Unleash the developer in you
Connect Zoho Projects with other third-party services by building custom extensions. Deploy your extensions in the Marketplace and choose to keep them either public or private.
Permission control
You can customize user permissions to control access. Assign roles to users based on their designations. @ mention roles to tag them in comments and statuses.
Beat the clock
Baseline comes to the rescue when time is of the essence. With Baseline, you can set a benchmark for your project and track deviation from the original plan. Create baselines in Gantt charts and get to track your work right away.